The Remarkable Life is INCREDIBLE

It’s lived well in the midst of imperfections and flaws. A life designed to give you the confidence to embrace WHO YOU ARE authentically, with a sigh of relief, knowing that you don’t have to be perfect to live a life worth the remark.
Imagine being able to intentionally drink deeply and restfully, from a full “cup of life”, connect with your inner core, live purposefully, lead well and enjoy life your BEST LIFE by design and not default with grace and ease.


It’s where you live courageously, fully in the moment, fulfilling your God-given potential with a strengthened faith. Strategically learn to leverage your difficult past, problems or pains as lessons of refinement. Positioned with your vision in focus, these experiences become stepping stones that increase your opportunities for greater influence, impact, and income potential.

The Remarkable Life is about Spiritual TRANSFORMATION

Push past your obstacles and challenges, by experiencing God’s presence and power, to see how abundantly rich YOU are in Him. Embodying His likeness is where the real transformation begins, creating the freedom to define a leadership presence which reflects that you are The Remarkable Woman. When you show up, your presence delivers a unique promise of value. Others can’t help but expect REMARKABLE things to happen!

Let’s Stay Connected!

At Remarkable Living Institute, we love connections that add value! Don’t put off the opportunity live fully and change your life forever! So, let’s stay connected!


I met Cynthia White several years ago at a church event.  From the moment she started speaking there was something uniquely different about her, and I could see all the women in the room drawn to her – her words, her presentation, and her reflection of Christ!   She was someone that I wanted to stay connected with.
Currently, I participate in two online Facebook groups that she leads, and I have joined her Remarkable Living Institute Community, which lives and breathes not only on Facebook, but through her RLBD membership community of Remarkable Women. We are learning to live our lives by design and not default, with grace and ease. This is available to all women!  And her heart’s desire is that we as women live that out.  She teaches, shares, and encourages us through weekly and monthly coaching, events and conferences, and downloadable content – all of which is organized for us on her website.  At any time we can access the most recent information, a calendar, motivations and meditations.  I am excited and privileged to be part of this growing community of Remarkable Women with Cynthia White!
Michele Marie Mastroianni

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