Meet Cynthia White

Cynthia White

Life Coach

Cynthia White, CEO and founder of the Remarkable Living Institute and Cynthia White & Associates, is a pastor’s wife, mom, speaker, former adjunct commaunity college instructor, mentor and mental health advocate. She is passionate about God, His Word, and His people!

As a certified personal brand strategist, image and etiquette coach, her mission is to encourage every woman to restfully look and feel complete from the inside out to live and lead her best remarkable life every day, with grace and ease.

She recognizes that the Remarkable Life, promised in John 10:10, includes challenging curves that adversely impact one’s emotional and spiritual health. She is a giver of hope and inspiration to women, especially those who have lost their way by helping them choose to view themselves as The Remarkable Woman.

She believes that The Remarkable Woman courageously lives with remarkable resilience. She rises above her challenges and chooses to lead well. She is not afraid to slow down and live a more contemplative life. Resting in God she pushes beyond her breaking point and powerfully activates a fruitful life of impact worth the remark.

She is on a mission help every woman live life by design and not default, by resting more, fulfilling their God-given purpose and leading a life of impact worth the remarkable. Staying connected to God and with the right support, community and resources every woman has the power to live her best remarkable life every day with grace and ease!

Cynthia loves, loves tea, studying God’s Word, making meaningful connections, crafting, cooking, flowers, making candles, writing and all things leopard print. Her greatest goal in life is to be B.Smith, Kay Arthur and Martha Stewart all rolled into one.

The Remarkable Living Institute is an extension of Cynthia White and Associates, a leadership presence and leadership branding agency based in Cary, NC.

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