3 Essential Steps to Forming Positive Habits

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Hey there Remarkable woman! Are you tired and beat down from doing the same thing over and still feeling like a failure? Feels insane, doesn’t it? I want to invite you to slow down and grab a cup of tea, our symbol of rest and renewal that brings restoration to the weary and worn out soul. Let’s talk about the hot topic of forming habits.

Breathe. Sip and savor the moment. Habits can be good and habits can be bad. Many times we are stuck in a life that we hate because we have chosen the wrong habits. The right habits are designed to lead us to an abundant life God promised in John 10:10. This type of life includes remarkable habits lived supernaturally. Those that are worth remembering.

Habits are repeatable, becoming automatic without having to think about it. They can profoundly affect your life. They can build the life you seek to live or they can help you destroy or weaken your effectiveness. And a life filled with clutter can distort your view and can get you off track because it’s filled with so much clutter.

Guard your heart and choose wisely.

Are you living by design or default? Make the decision to remove the clutter from your life. Take an honest look at your habits. Ask yourself, “Does this habit move me closer to what God has called me to do and become as this Remarkable Woman, as this kingdom builder? Or does this habit get in the way, interfere and slow me up?”

In God’s blueprint, the apostle Paul reminds us to lay aside every weight, any sin that would keep us from moving towards the finish line – The remarkable life. Sin is anything that causes us to miss the mark or God’s standard of excellence. And according to Paul, not every weight in your life is a sin. But, if that weight is getting in the way causing burn out and overwhelming feelings that keep you from living and leading well, you must let it go.

Living life by design and not default, with grace and ease, takes the right habits.

As we look at our habits and view them with a perspective of moving closer to or moving away from the women God’s designed us to be, we can make better choices from our habits and live with grace and ease.

Here are three simple but essential steps to forming the best remarkable habits:

1. Keep Your Goals in Front of You: A well-designed life can be daunting and require clear goals. Remove the overwhelm by making them quarter goals. Every 12 weeks examine your goal but also pay attention to your habits. Create what is called keystone habits, those little mini goals/ habits that provide the right support so that you have the clarity to make something remarkable happen in your life.

2. Nothing Happens Without Discipline and Tracking: Life has too many options! The most successful leaders live a disciplined life of choosing the right habits with consistency. I have learned that one of the most effective ways to accomplish this, is by implementing routines as a guardrail. Routines also help habits stick and stay on the forefront of your mind. And, it helps to have a way to record and track them so you can see your progress. The Rest and Build Your Best Remarkable Year planner I created is designed to remove the hustle and grind out of life by restfully living a life of discipline.

3. Check Your Motives: Understand the ‘why’ behind your habits which must be aligned with the purpose of your life. Are the habits you are forming serving you or God? Are they helping you to build a name for your kingdom or His? What will it cost you? If they are not moving you towards living life by design are you willing to let them go? What will it cost you to let go of them? The habits you are forming must empower you to be a good steward of your body, life, and mind for the right reason. Make them count.

How’s that tea? Hopefully, with these three essential steps, your life is overflowing with abundance in light of the positive habits you are forming. Start thinking about the habits you need to form to make remarkable things happen this week through the unique promise of value you deliver! Make a plan of execution, using your planner. Remember that I’m a part of your cheering squad. I know you can do this! I would love to hear about the habits you are forming. Write a comment below and let me know.

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