Branded Style Makeover 101: Five Tips to Accessorizing in the Winter Months

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As Remarkable Women, we must show the world that true beauty is what comes from inside of our souls and radiates out. Real beauty is not just about how you look on the surface, but rather the complete package of how you present yourself to others and how you make them feel.

1 Samuel 16:7 reminds us that people will look at the outside and make decisions whether or not they want to come closer. They are more likely to focus on your job, family history, salary, weight, clothes, etc. But, God starts with the heart! Instead of diminishing it, why not take the time to reflect your inner beauty outwardly through your visual branded style? Polishing off your wardrobe this winter is a great place to start.

I’ll admit, completing a winter outfit with the right accessories can be tricky. It’s colder, you’re bundled up in layers, and have less skin displayed. How can you showcase accessories without them getting lost in your warm layers? And sometimes the issues of life can give us a chilly reception to making the effort to dress up. Help is here! Check out these Branded Style Tips that will help you highlight and add brilliance to your cold weather outfits. Grab a cup of tea and let’s get started creating that right look from head to toe:

1.  Your Face

The face won’t be covered up so let’s create a more magnetic presence visually. Try these ideas:

  • Strong earrings. Clustered jeweled earrings, sparkly studs or hoop earrings (in your best metals) are a good choice. They will bring even more attention to your face when you have short hair or you’re wearing your hair in an up-do.
  • Great lipstick color. A pop of color when it’s gray outside adds warmth and polish to your face. Deep berry colors or bright reds add excitement to your outfit. Go bold and try a matte finish!

2.  Your Neckline

The neckline is an easy area to adorn in order to bring more focus to your face. Try these ideas:

  • A scarf. This accessory adds character depending on your choice of print, pattern or color, plus it adds an additional layer of warmth. Choose one in this season’s bold reds and jeweled tones or find one in a dark floral print or a non-traditional plaid. You can also layer two oblong scarves – one in a print, one in a flattering solid color – for an interesting look.
  • Collar necklace. Add a pearl or jeweled collar necklace to the top of cashmere sweaters or at the neckline of a minimalist high-necked dress or simple blouse. This extra touch adds interest, drama, and a hint of femininity.



3.  Your Bare skin. A deep, wide, or asymmetrical neckline on a dress or blouse adds unexpected drama in the winter. The exposed skin can be all the accessorizing you need for some outfits. But have a scarf on hand just in case you need to cover up for warmth.

4.  Your Waistline

By adding a focal point to the torso, you bring attention to feminine curves and emphasis to a silhouette. Try these ideas:

  • Brooches. Add one, two or three brooches to the lapel of a winter coat or jacket, a cardigan, or a menswear-inspired long vest. You can also spruce up your formal wear by adding a jeweled cluster brooch to the neckline or to the fabric belt on a lace dress.
  • Belted coat. Do the unexpected and change belts on coats that come with their own self-belt. Whether a thick patent black belt or a python print belt in green and brown shades, adding your own belt to your outerwear adds surprise and shows your creativity at work. 

5.  Your Arms

  • We’re often waving our arms as we express ourselves. Why not adorn your wrist or the parts of your hands and arms that are exposed? Try these ideas:
    • Gloves. Long or short gloves in bright, bold colors or animal print patterns are functional for cold weather (especially with ¾ sleeved jackets) and they add flair to your outfit.
    • Bangles. Bangles or metal cuffs are a great addition when wearing long-sleeved dresses, jackets or coats with sleeves that hit just above the wrist. Mix metals in multiple loose bangles or wear a cuff on your wrist that’s jeweled, beaded or studded.
    • Great handbag. A bright colored bag can be all the accent color you need in an outfit. If it’s your everyday bag, go for a darker color, as it will show less wear over the months. But think about a second bag in a berry tone, gold, or turquoise. Color can shake things up if you’re getting bored. A jeweled or sequined clutch is festive for events or nights out.


Polish off your winter outfits with grace and ease! I’m always here to help. I’d love to help you accessorize for these chilly days ahead. Be sure to drop a comment below and join our community. Together we can help you create a visual brand that speaks well of your Remarkable Life by Design.

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