Five Reasons to Create Goals for Your Life

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“It is never too late to be what you might have been.” – George Eliot

You know the routine: You begin each year with lofty promises, desires, and decisions called resolutions. You enthusiastically decide to accomplish a particular task, hoping to become a better version of yourself and live the life of your dreams. Losing weight, finding a mate, getting that dream job or exponentially growing your business usually top the list. But without a stated purpose, concrete plans, actionable steps or a clear understanding of the importance of your goals, your resolutions will more than likely turn into a bunch of unfulfilled wishes.

We must set goals. They are important and critical to our ability to live and design our best remarkable life, now. The God of the universe intentionally created us with a clear goal in mind. Reading Genesis 1, we see that we were made as image bearers designed to know Him intimately and make Him known throughout the earth. One of the best ways to fulfill this goal is by ruling over difficult circumstances and subduing challenges as The Remarkable Woman with a Purposeful Presence. We must also show up and make extraordinary things happen, especially during our messes and mistakes.

Staying on the journey requires a rock solid conviction about the importance of our goals. Let’s look at five reasons to set goals that will empower you to push past challenges to live and lead your best remarkable life every day:

  1. You Will Have a Clear Awareness of Your Purpose

What is the purpose of life and how do I get there? These are two of the most asked questions by people. Have you ever asked something similar? According to Proverbs 19:21 God has a purpose for your life that supersedes your plans. He created you and knew the plan, so you must seek Him for wisdom concerning your unique purpose. Take time to discover not only the special work you were created for but why.  Every Remarkable Woman must have goals that are fueled with a clear and compelling purpose. They give perspective to your presence and “staying power” when obstacles come your way.

  1. You Will Know What to Prioritize

Life is filled with lots of options and distractions. There are too many choices! Your goals help you filter the things that matter most. Your time and life are too valuable to waste by doing things that won’t matter in the end. In light of Matthew 6:33, your relationship with God and making choices that are right in His eyes will give you laser focus to organize your life. What a loving Father God is! He wants to save you and me from exhausting all of our time and energy into things we will eventually find trivial and insignificant, especially when we stand before Him at the end of our earthly life. With clear goals, you can discern the activities that deserve your precious time, energy, and talent.

  1. You Are More Likely to Experience Peace

Knowing that your life has a specific purpose and that you are moving in the right direction gives you a sense of satisfaction that leads to peace. Because of this clarity, you gain increased confidence and motivation to walk more intentionally through life. Having goals will even help you move from chaos to calm because you are better prepared for the unexpected. What a blessing to know that when you rest in Him, as The Remarkable Woman, based on Psalm 29:11, He strengthens you and gives you peace for the journey.  

  1. You Can Stop Procrastinating

Because you know what to focus on and prioritized your life, it will increase your momentum leaving little room to daydream and procrastinate. Based on Colossians 3:23, you should focus on working with diligence from the soul to please God. You will become busy living the life of your dreams on purpose and making remarkable things happen that leave a lasting impact.

  1. You Will Take The Closer Path To Success

Goals guide you to who you want to become and help you determine how to activate your life so that you can successfully achieve the impact you desire. But, don’t forget to trust God in the process to make you successful. Like David, in 1 Samuel 18:14, realize that God is your ultimate guide. Just imagine that He is allowing “goals” to serve as your path through a thick forest. He wants you to experience success on the trail and prevent you from getting lost, off track or worse, never finding your way out. Let your goals guide you to the road that leads you to where you need to be as The Remarkable Woman.

It’s time to Activate! Hopefully, you are more persuaded to set goals that will equip you to purposefully live and lead your life well. Don’t let the issue of life stop you from moving forward! If you are looking for a way to start creating goals, discovering your purpose, and consistently gaining strategies and resources that will help you design and pursue your best Remarkable Life now click here. I look forward to continuing our journey to purposefully living our best remarkable lives with grace and ease.

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