What Forces You to Rest?

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Lean in. Do you feel the love? The Lord lovingly reminds us in Matthew 11:28 to “come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” Do you believe Him? Do you want that rest? Or do you feel like you make eventually make time for it?

Pause. Brew your favorite cup of fall hot tea and let’s take a few moments to consider what forces us to rest and what we need to be healthy. As women, we give and we give and often don’t slow down enough to consider what we need to thrive as we build our lives with grace and ease.

You have to slow down or burnout and overwhelm will take you out! I know first-hand from experience and the best remedy to a short-circuited life is rest that restores and moves you back towards the abundant life in John 10:10 Jesus came to give us. Only when we learn to drink deeply from a cup of life overflowing with deliberate rest can we fully experience this remarkable life.

Too often it takes burnout, sickness, and broken dreams to force us to rest. Pretty dramatic but sometimes drama is good! It gets our attention. It makes us stop and pay attention. Think about your life and consider what are the burdens and little dramas playing out right now that are yelling at you to slow down and to rest?

  • Are you physically, mentally, and emotionally stressed out on a regular basis?
  • Is your peace elusive and seemingly nonexistent?
  • Do you daily face anxiety and feel overwhelmed?
  • Are your relationships with loved ones, friends and colleagues strained and difficult because you’re half-present with people?

These are a few things that could be creating drama in your life right now, telling you that something’s not right and you need balance desperately. You don’t have to settle and stay in this place. I believe being in community with like-minded women could be a great encouragement to you.

Could you imagine getting away for the day, slowing down and learning the meaning of living life from an overflowing cup?

Are you ready to enjoy intentional moments in a place where you come away full to the brim, having pushed past your challenges?

Would you welcome restoration to your broken places and be open to Build Your Best REMARKABLE LIFE, God’s way, RESTFULLY?

When you open yourself up to rest, you invite the following three actions to affect your entire life:

  • REST allows us to deepen our knowledge of God and His remarkable plan for our lives.
  • REST allows God to deepen His work of restoration in us and mend our broken places.
  • REST allows us to deepen our commitment to Build a life that matters!

You deserve to live and lead well from a place of rest. It’s time to let go of the hustle and the grind and choose to slow down and learn how to rest deliberately, live fully and lead impactfully! Looking to spend the day learning how to build your best life, with grace and ease? The Remarkable Woman Conference 2018, on November 3, 2018, will give truths and tools to restfully live life by design and not by default. Join this movement of Restful Remarkable Women! Get the details about the conference by clicking here.

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